Airbnb Cleaning London

Airbnb cleaning (hotel like cleaning for short stay apartments)

Letting out a room or two in your home via the Airbnb service is a great way of making extra money and meeting new people. If you like the idea of mingling with guests from all over the world whilst topping up your income, then Airbnb is the ideal service for you to provide.

Be proactive about your Airbnb cleaning

However, don’t jump into offering this room rental service without planning ahead. As well as providing a room you will have to keep it clean and fresh and basically offer a full service to your guests, similar to running a small hotel or bed and breakfast establishment. You will want to keep overheads down so won’t want to employ a hoard of housekeeping staff, but neither do you want to find yourself stressed, trying to offer clean rooms whist doing other things at the same time.

So how do you cope with your Airbnb cleaning? The more welcoming your rooms, the higher your rating will be and the more bookings you will receive. That is why we offer an affordable and easily manageable Airbnb cleaning service which will take care of all of your guest’s cleaning needs so you won’t have to.

So what does our Airbnb Cleaning Service Kensington include?


  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Cleaning bedrooms
  • Changing bed linen
  • Changing towels


We guarantee that our Airbnb Cleaning Service will provide every one of your guests with an inviting, fresh and clean room that will encourage them to want to stay again. Also, because word-of-mouth is a great way of marketing, as they spread the word you will find more and more guests coming in your direction.

Enjoy offering your Airbnb service, even if you are already working full time and running a home, but don’t wear yourself out in the process. Because our service is flexible and incredibly affordable, you will find that making use of our service increases your level of clientele, boosts your star rating and is extremely cost-effective, allowing you to make a regular profit.

Enjoy spending time with your Airbnb guests but don’t run yourself into the ground scrubbing and cleaning when we are here to help. Contact us now and get your Airbnb room rentals off the ground with the support of APT Cleaning.


Type Of Work Price
Airbnb Cleaning Guest Ready £15.00 Per Hour
Linen Hire POA
Check in £30

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