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Hotel Housekeeping

Any hotel is only as good as its reputation and so much depends upon the standard of its housekeeping and cleanliness. In the hospitality industry, customers are looking for perfection every step of the way and nothing ruins this more than a shoddy room that is not sparkling clean, welcoming and inviting. At APT Cleaning we have spent many years operating within the hotel cleaning/housekeeping industry and understand that it is essential to deliver a pristine professional service in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Why use us?

Our hotel cleaning/housekeeping stands out for all of the right reasons:


  • Attention to detail – working to the highest of standards, we are committed to quality of service
  • Pristine perfection – we keep our promise, delivering the highest standard of hotel cleaning
  • Exceptional housekeeping – we guarantee professional, thorough and trustworthy hotel housekeeping

We care about your guests

When your guests are delighted, so are you and your response is vitally important to us. We care for your guests as if they were our own, cleaning the hotel and taking care of housekeeping so that they will always be impressed. Working to world-class standards, our hotel cleaning and housekeeping services are designed to enable our clients to deliver excellence. We will work with you through slow and peak periods, adjusting staff levels to suit.

Talk to us if you are looking for a hotel cleaning and housekeeping service that provides:


  • Cleaning, housekeeping, supervision and management
  • Bed turn down and porter provision
  • Uniformed staff
  • Supply of cleaning consumables and equipment


Contact us now and put yourselves ahead of the rest by making use of the very best in hotel cleaning and housekeeping provision.


Type Of Work Price
Chambermaid £9.50 Per Hour
Porter £9.50 Per Hour
Housekeeping Supervisor £10.50 Per Hour
Prices from April 2017
Prices inculdes employer NI and Holidays

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  • My home has a well. I have noticed pink stain/residue that builds up in my tub. What is it?

    Generally when you see pink or orange stains on the fixtures it means you have iron in the water. Well water needs to have a water softener or other filtering device to remove naturally occurring minerals.

  • What causes a sewer smell from kitchen sink when using the dishwasher?

    If you get a sewer smell when you are using the dishwasher on a kitchen sink, it often means there is a blockage in the vent or the drain of the pipes inside the wall. If you have a clogged vent on the roof, then the back-pressure
    that is created when you try to put water into the pipe.